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Andos Orgone Pyramid Quartz Crystal Energy Generator Kit/Protection and Reiki Healing/7 Chakra/Meditation Spiritual Enhancement Yoga/Calmness/Growth/Wealth/Helps with Panic Attacks/Bonus Included


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Andos spiritual and meditation productsare designed to bring positive energy to you and the ones around you. Andos chakra stone pyramids are handmade in the foothills of Nepal. Andos orgone pyramid is a wonderful gift idea for men, women and children. It works great at home around all electronic devices and at work in an office that may have too much negative energy. These beautiful and positive crystal pyramids look great at spas and yoga studios. Powerful vibrational energy is generated when natural Chakra crystals react with orgone energy that brings positive energy all around you and others around you. Orgone crystal pyramid and Pendant open the mind and spirit by it’s healing power and are used for Reiki healing, meditation and yoga. The orgone pyramid and pendent are made of 100Percent genuine materials: Red Crystal Onyx, Blue Crystal Onyx(Aquamarine), Indigo Crystal Onyx,Yellow Crystal Onyx,Violet Crystal Onyx, Green Crystal Onyx,Orange Crystal Onyx, Black Crystal Onyx,Clear Cast Resin,Natural Crystal,Copper,Quartz Point Crystal and Vibrating Quartz Crystal Point. Andos wants to thank you for your support and hope that our products can help in restoring peace and harmony within the mind and body.
The Handmade Energy Generating Pyramid and Pendant are Made With the Same Idea as the Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator. Quartz Crystal and Condensed Metal Matrix and Other Energy Stones and Crystals. The Pyramid and Pendant are Easy to Set Up and use at Your House, Office or on the go for You and Your Family Including Pets
The Orgone Pyramid Helps to Neutralize Electronic Negativity That You are Exposed to at No Fault of Your own. It is Time To Take Back The Positive Energy That helps You to Enjoy Life
Included With Your Purchase is 1 Positive Energy Generator Pyramid and as a Bonus Gift 1 Energy Generating Pendant with a Black Cord for Your Neck
The Beautiful Handmade Quartz Crystal Pyramid is 3x3x3 Inches The Pendant is 2 Inches long and Can Protect You On the Go
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